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[09 Apr 2009|12:58pm]
it was a nice day outside yesterday,
and our doberman was busy taking up my entire bed for his nap,

cyrus does tech support in his spare time.

so i decided i'd take the bunnies to play in my backyard.

here's bunshine, my dutch netherland dwarf.

and amilye, my fatass hotot.

they were havin a great time, and bunshine somehow got stuck here:

and while i was attempting to persuade her out, amilye ran off and got stuck here, between two fences:

they were just hangin out there eatin grass and such, but then ran off to where i couldn't see them.
i called and called, shook a bag of their yogurt treats, and even that didn't work.
a couple hours later, my friend erik gets off work and comes over to my house for a bunny rescue.

he jumped up on the fence to the left, trying to find bunshine first. then noticed oh hey, my neighbours are on their back porch.
he asks if they've seen a rabbit, they have, and it's currently in their garden.
so he jumps down, him and the elderly woman chase bunshine around the yard for like 10 minutes, and she catches her.

i take bunshine inside while erik goes to the other fence where amilye is stuck
he walks along the top of that, but the right fence is so old and weak that it's breaking.
he can see that there are no other breaks in the fence, so amilye has nowhere to go but back into my yard.

he goes into that backyard, and then explains to the owner of that house what happened, who lets him stay in the backyard to get her out.
he has a shower curtain rod thing with him, which he pokes amilye's butt with as she hops along back to our yard.
the dude has dogs, and they were outside, so they kept scaring her all the way back to the start.

eventually she comes out, and i block off that area so she can't go back.
....and she proceeds to get stuck behind the wire fencing that bunshine got behind.
erik was able to get her to run out and into the yard by hitting the fence with the almighty shower curtain rod.
amilye gets back inside, and all is well again.

and that is a bunny rescue day.
[also, they aren't goin back out there without a pen to fence them into safety.]
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[30 Oct 2008|02:09am]
oh wow


so uh
don't put a bunch of ?'s on your post, or you'll get banned from the forums for malicious activity.

eh, less time on forums, more time playing warhammer instead. :)

[23 Aug 2008|10:55pm]
upcoming shows, yay!
let me know if you're going too.

all time low


mayday parade

october 25th, at la zona rosa.

escape the fate

october 30th at sunset station [in san antonio]

metro station

november 13th at la zona rosa

[18 Mar 2008|09:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

boredom = new piercing

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[22 Jan 2008|10:14pm]

season 3 weapon! /flex
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[25 Nov 2007|08:25am]
[ mood | content ]

+6 more of cats +1 of matt and iCollapse )

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[13 Nov 2007|10:24am]
[ mood | excited ]

time for pictures of my cats ;o

hereCollapse )

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[05 Nov 2007|01:30am]
[ mood | content ]

10 days til things are perfect again. <3

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[08 Oct 2007|06:22am]
[ mood | content ]

Meme from ashley [shesbeenelected]. Upon receiving this tag (read:  consider yourself tagged), immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop.  Then, post it [LJ, Myspace, etc.] so we can see!

i don't usually do these but this one is cute.
i'm gonna blur out screen names, though.
click the picture to make it the real size.
it's so wide cause i've got two monitors hooked up to my computer;
to make it easier to play wow and do other stuff at the same time. ;p

also, i'm really happy.
it's a nice change, and things feel pretty much perfect.

i took a vacation to florida last week,
i don't feel like going into details.
it was awesome, just what i needed.
even if they did ask for an ID to see a rated R movie...when i'll be 23 in two weeks.

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[07 Aug 2007|07:06am]
[ mood | content ]

i haven't updated in a while.
reason being i'm workin 45+ hours a week;
and am incredibly busy when i'm not workin.

so, have a couple large pictures.

my paladin-

some guildies + me [no name cause i took the snapshot]

in other news; things are well.
perhaps too well.

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[26 Dec 2006|02:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

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[13 Oct 2006|05:03pm]

RAWR. new shoulders.
sooooooooooo pretty.
i now have 631 +healing.

if you wanna see my gear/spec/skills/rep-

one more cropped screenshotCollapse )
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[12 Sep 2006|11:33pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

rawr. tinklies > you.

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[26 Jul 2006|02:12pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

here's a cute bunny.

in other news,
i had a horrific dream last night.
and now i feel sick.

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[07 Jun 2006|09:14pm]

hi tatoes!
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[04 Jun 2006|12:03pm]
exquisite journalism.

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sinking [30 May 2006|09:05am]
[ mood | drained ]

where did the last year go?
it all went by so fast.
all i seem to remember,
is picking up a video game at some computer store..
and then BAM.
i woke up and it's a year later. ;p

no but seriously.
warcraft is taking over,
it's insane.
it's getting too much involvement with my real life-
and screwing things up.
maybe now it'll change things for the better?
cause heaven knows i'm not going to be able to quit playing.

i really don't know what to do anymore-
but things will straighten out again-

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[26 May 2006|06:26am]
[ mood | happy ]


definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
..however, that is the funniest thing i've seen in a long while.

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[17 May 2006|12:06pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

oh, there are brighter sides to life
i know because i've seen them
just not very often

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[10 May 2006|07:12am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

got my priest to 60 :D

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[06 Apr 2006|02:13pm]

my momma got a new puppy and brought it over.
spaghetts didn't like the puppy much.

and here's the puppy with the kitty ears hat on.

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[02 Apr 2006|04:19pm]
happy 2nd birthday tatoes!!

and, birthday cuddles with spaghetts!

also, i made a hat for tatoes, but she wouldn't get anywhere near it.
so spaghetts modeled it.

next, i'm making a pair of pants for spaghetts.
what colour should they be?
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[22 Mar 2006|07:50pm]

dave's mage and my priest :D
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[21 Mar 2006|01:50pm]
stuff on my cat!
starring spaghetts!

yes i drink a lot of soda.
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[19 Mar 2006|06:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hiding spots!

i turn around from my desk
and spaghetts is taking a nap in the hallway!

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[18 Mar 2006|06:12pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

hi! my name is spaghetts mcsourface!


[15 Mar 2006|04:09am]
[ mood | restless ]

i love finding pictures like this.

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[04 Mar 2006|02:41am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

this link pretty much confused the hell out of me.
sure makes you want to use their products. :/
also- nsfw.

so i'm sitting at my desk
and i'm like, 'where's spaghetts??'
cause he had been awful quiet for a while.
i hear something in dave's desk beside me.
so i open the drawer..

apparently, spaghetts climbed in through the back. wow.

later on,
spaghetts decided that the powerbook is HIS.

i think i want new earrings,
i've had these ones since july.
i can't find any that i like, though :/
any suggestions?
5/8 in size needs to be available.

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[22 Feb 2006|08:17pm]
spaghetts showing tatoes who's boss:

mmm juice!

moreCollapse )
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[12 Feb 2006|06:07pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

i got 60!!
[in case you don't know, 60 is the highest level you can get.]

*squeal times a million*

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[06 Feb 2006|09:33pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

...this thing is ridiculous.
it goes all the way up to touching our ceiling.
i love it.

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[05 Feb 2006|10:08pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

spaghetts loves to clean tatoes.

and tatoes was being all twisty and curly today!

couple more hereCollapse )

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[05 Feb 2006|03:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

it's pretty awesome when i get vulgar harrassing phone calls on my cell.
the number always says private.
they've called me quite often and left messages, making weird voices.
good thing i saved all the voicemails.

i called sprint.
they are going to send me a copy
of all my incoming calls from the past three months.
...the numbers will show, even if you called private.

so to whoever it was,
i hope you had fun!
the calls don't upset me,
just a mild annoyance.

with the phone number i get from sprint,
i'll be able to tell who it is,
also be able to file harrassment charges,
and call the phone service company of that person and complain.

people are pretty dumb.

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[29 Jan 2006|07:45pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

so my parents got my 14 year old sister a cell phone for christmas.
that day, she fell on it cause it was in her back pocket-
breaking the screen.
at this point, it still worked.

then about a week ago,
she dropped it into the toilet-
again, because it was in her back pocket.

my mother in no way wants to pay a zillion dollars to get her a new phone.
does anyone have an old t-mobile phone that they don't want anymore?
she wants a flip phone-
but i told her that was pretty unlikely unless she wants to pay for it.

any help would be appreciated
thank you!

6 indeed.%%|fetus??

[18 Jan 2006|02:26pm]

chuck norris was on the tony danza show
...tony read him some chuck norris facts.


that is the funniest thing i think i've ever seen.

[17 Jan 2006|09:45am]
i found out why the room i'm in always has a thick musk of baby wipe smell.
...two of the girls in here have lotion that smells like it.
why the hell would you buy something that's going to make you smell like baby ass?
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[14 Jan 2006|09:38pm]

look what my friend painted!

she says it's 3x4 ft
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[14 Jan 2006|09:33am]
okay so this is the antibiotic i'm taking

i thought it would be fine,
since that's supposed to be the controlled part of this study.

so i was taking a shower
and my stomach felt really nauseous
i figured it was lack of sleep [5 hours in the past 72 hours.]
i turn off the water and start to get dressed

and all of a sudden i'm on the floor
i wake up and i'm wondering why i'm there
so i stand back up and everything was okay for a minute
then once again, i found myself on the floor.
i stand up, pretty annoyed, and finish dressing.
and i'm on the floor again!
this time, i managed to throw up when i was out of it
and that just sucks cause we gotta have a worker look at the vomit-
to see if there's any pill fragments in it.

i'm still feeling a bit out of it,
but i feel slightly better because i ate breakfast.
since i don't eat meat,
there is very little i can eat here.
all the food for one day is 3000 calories
i end up consuming about 500.

not to mention they took one vial of blood from me every hour yesterday
i suppose all that put together makes sense as to why this happened.
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[14 Jan 2006|12:34am]
[ mood | anxious ]

you know what i miss?

first and definitely best,

my babies.

world of warcraft.

i get to go back home on the 20th.
time cannot possibly be going any slower.

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[12 Jan 2006|06:17pm]

excuse me sir, but do you realise your horse is gay?
well, at least he was polite about it.
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[12 Jan 2006|07:32am]
whenever i open up aim,
the little icon in the toolbar flashes with a mailbox icon.
how do i make it stop harrassing me?
8 indeed.%%|fetus??

[11 Jan 2006|02:57pm]
[ mood | cold ]

okay so this time
the study is about diabetes
no, i don't get to test that new medicine
i was unlucky and get to take an antibitoic.
one in four chance, damn.
well that sucks.
eh, at least i know nothing weird will happen.

it is freaking cold in here
and there are about a million and a half people in this study.
okay, there's 70. close enough.

there aren't ethernet outlets in the rooms,
so i can't get online from bed this time.
and it isn't even a nice hospital bed,
it's a crappy non-electronic one.

and the food still sucks.
lunch was hamburgers.
meaning i had ten tatoe tots and half a can of 7up.
i think dinner is catfish,
which i won't touch either.

also, i think i am already having warcraft withdrawals.
i brought diablo 2 with me,
but it is far inferior.

oh well,
at least i don't have to lay still for 5 hours every day this time!
something to be thankful for.

9 indeed.%%|fetus??

[08 Jan 2006|07:30pm]
whoever's trying to get into my [public] photobucket account,
cut it out.
it sends the password to MY email address,
and you won't get it.
good try.
2 indeed.%%|fetus??

[04 Jan 2006|05:33am]
chuck norris has got to be one of the better WoW fads. ever.

does anyone know where i can find a good vet? cause these puppies are SICK! *flex*
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[01 Jan 2006|07:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

i'm stealing this from seth [casio_casanova] and slightly altering it.

in 2005..
movies watched: a million and a half, not by choice.
books read: one. since april i've been trying to read another, but it's just not working out.
states visited: two, more if you count the states driven through.
new habits gained: world of warcraft, knitting
old habits dropped: talking to people i don't like, spending money on crap, hard drugs.
awesome bands seen: cancerslug, jetsuns, missy higgins.
best thing to happen to me: dave, stability.
worst thing to happen to me: i have to pick one thing from this year?! nah.
other highlights: beginning of the year through may was hell, i was really sick, i was surrounded by assholes; met some really great people after that..moved in with dave, got tatoes a friend [spaghetts], my aunt had a baby.
new year's resolution: not to do anything i did in 2005 ;p

2005 was the crappiest year ever.
i am just exponentially thankful for how well i'm doing now;
i'm happy with every aspect and i'm comfortable.

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[17 Dec 2005|09:37pm]
what the freakin hell?

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[29 Nov 2005|07:01pm]

hahaha i rock.

also, my aunt is getting a c section tomorrow at three.

i got some kitty cat slippers that look pretty angry.
i like to kick them at dave and meow.

things are going well.
10 indeed.%%|fetus??

[11 Nov 2005|10:29pm]
haha it's me and dave!

2 indeed.%%|fetus??

[09 Nov 2005|06:40pm]
i got the last dose of aquavan yesterday
it knocked me out cold
which is good, cause that's what it was supposed to do.

what was bad, however-
they missed FOUR times before getting the two ivs in me.
so i got stabbed six times yesterday with needles.
no fun.
especially when they wiggle the catheter around in there
thinking it MIGHT find a vein
i think not.
so now my hand is completely swollen.

the food still sucks hardcore.
everything is so meat intensive!
dinner is going to be a piece of cornbread and a cookie for me.
cause it's catfish. and some other shit.
lunch was hamburgers.
so lunch for me-
ten tatoe tots, tomato slice.

it's like this every day.
and i never get breakfast.
it's just part of the study.

total so far, i've lost ten pounds since getting here.
oh, but i'm sure i'll gain it back once i am home.

there are soooooooo many things i want to do on saturday.
that day is not possibly going to be long enough.

when i was passed out,
i swallowed one of my lip rings.
how the hell does that happen??
i got another one to put in it,
but damn.
i bet that's going to be painful later. :x
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[03 Nov 2005|11:30pm]
i need you guys' help on an apartment

lease is up at the end of december
dave and i are looking to find another place
in south or central austin
we wanted a house or duplex,
but they are all really expensive right now.
so we're thinking we just want a one bedroom apt.
we have a two bedroom right now,
but we really don't need a whole room just for computers.

nothing downtown, no studios, no efficiencies.
has to allow cats..

anyone know of where to start looking?
something that offers a six month lease would be fantastic
2 indeed.%%|fetus??